Qualified homebuyers agree to volunteer time,
not just money towards their home purchase.

Together we build, laugh and form long lasting friendships.

Partnering with Habitat means you are willing to:

  • Volunteer a sweat equity contribution
  • Support the Habitat Program
  • Participate in a homeowners association (HOA)
  • Make timely mortgage payments
  • Complete and sign annual survey and recommitment letter

Sweat equity contribution is your part in building our community.

There are many different ways to contribute.

Hours can be earned by:

  • Attending Classes
  • Working in the ReStore and on site
  • Doing office work
  • Attending special events

Sweat equity contribution after selection:

  • 250 hours per qualified new homebuyers (low income)
  • 100 hours per qualified resale homebuyers (low income)
  • 25 hours per qualified new or resale homebuyers (moderate income) 
  • Hours can be completed within 10 months


Family Services Department

Phone: 714.434.6200 ext.213
Email: familyservices@HabitatOC.org