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Better homes create brighter


Spring is upon us and in this season of renewal and transformation, we are preparing to start one of our busiest building seasons. As we look ahead to building more homes – and hope – for hardworking, low-income families in our community, I am so grateful for your generous and loyal support. Hope for families starts with you!

Because of your financial support and the tireless efforts of our dedicated volunteers, more than 1,400 women, men, and children in Orange County have the strength, stability, and independence they need to build better futures.

This spring, I hope we can once again count on your support as we continue to work towards ending poverty housing in Orange County. We simply can’t do it without you.

Those who need our help aren’t seeking a handout. They are the many faces of the hardworking people, we encounter every day who just need a hand up to continue to live and work in the community we have all come to know and love.

It could be the clerk at the local grocery store who helps bag your groceries…or the security guard that says “good night” as you leave your office every day…or the waitress who serves you with a friendly smile at your favourite restaurant.


These are the people who work hard to enhance the quality of our lives.

And yet, after a long day of work, most of our community’s low-income families don’t get to come home to a decent place to live. They are trapped in unaffordable, overcrowded, or unsafe conditions that no one deserves to endure.

At Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, we believe that every hardworking family deserves the opportunity for a better future. They deserve to have strength and stability. With your help, future Habitat homeowners can achieve the independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.



YOUR support impacts FAMILIES

Homeownership provides low-income families with independence and the means to build personal wealth. The decent housing also improves a family’s health by freeing up resources for nutritious foods, medications and other necessary health expenditures.

YOUR support impacts CHILDREN

Children of homeowners do better in school, are more likely to acquire post-secondary education, and are less likely to be impoverished as adults. They also have fewer behavioural problems that can lead to criminal acts later in life.

YOUR support impacts NEIGHBORHOODS

Habitat is often one of the first organizations to enter and revitalize distressed areas, which helps restore neighbourhoods and enhance property values.

YOUR support impacts COMMUNITIES

Homeowners are more likely to belong to community organizations and to volunteer locally.

YOUR support impacts OUR CITY

Habitat homeowners pay a mortgage that is reinvested into building new Habitat homes and they pay property taxes that provide a sustainable future for our city.

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