Be advised, this selection process can take months to complete and building a home can add additional time to the process as well. This program does not offer emergency housing solutions. Habitat OC offers permanent affordable homeownership opportunities. Learn more about the process below:

  • Family Orientation

The first step for anyone interested in purchasing a Habitat OC home is to attend a homebuyer orientation, either in person or online. Check the schedule for dates and locations.

  • Preliminary Credit Review

Submit a “preliminary credit review form” to Habitat OC with a check or money order in the amount listed. The fee is for a credit check and is not refundable.

  • Invitation to Apply

If the preliminary credit review is approved, the family’s application will be kept on file and the family will be contacted with an invitation to apply when a home becomes available. If the family is interested in applying for the homes being offered, an application will need to be submitted in addition to other supporting financial documents.

  • Ability to Pay

Habitat OC evaluates the family’s income and debt to determine their ability to pay a mortgage. If the family is financially eligible, they will then move forward in the selection process.

  • Information Session

Families hear specific details about the homes being offered.

  • Home Visits

Members of Habitat OC’s Family Selection Committee interview the family at their current home to evaluate their need for adequate housing and willingness to partner with Habitat OC.

  • Selection Meeting

The Family Selection Committee meets to decide which families meet all the criteria. The Committee makes recommendations to the Habitat OC Board of Directors. The Board votes to accept the new Habitat OC families.

Take the first step toward owning a Habitat OC home…