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Made in America

Habitat OC joins a movement - Buy American

Help create jobs in the USA

"Made in America" is a feature on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. Sawyer brought awareness that just a small adjustment in what we buy can significantly impact America's economy.

If we each spend just an additional $3.33 per year on American-made products, we could create 10,000 new jobs.

You can learn how others are taking the challenge on the ABC Made in America web page. You can also get a list of American-made products by clicking this map...

But there's more to think about...

An entire American-made home

Anders Lewendal is an economist. He also builds homes. Anders has a message too. He's challenging construction companies to increase their purchase of American-made products by 5% per year. This increase could result in 220,000 new jobs in the USA.

Watch this video about the home that Anders is building - made entirely of American materials

Habitat OC takes the Challenge...+5%

Buying American materials was already a priority for the Habitat OC construction crew. We estimate about 85% of the materials used to build Habitat OC homes are American-made.

We're committed to increasing that by at least 5%.

Will you take the challenge too? FYI, here's a list of American-made materials that Habitat OC uses.


And while we have your attention, here's an overview of the "green" measures that Habitat OC uses in home construction.

Habitat OC is truly...Red, White, Blue & GREEN.


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