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Toshiba is Helping Habitat OC Families

24 Habitat families received Toshiba laptops
By Kaitlin Gange, July 20, 2011

On June 25th, twenty-four Habitat OC families came to Habitat OC in Santa Ana to receive  new laptops from Toshiba.

The family computer experience levels ranged from a lot to very little. However, after the short hardware and software lesson from Pete Cruz and Richard Herrera of Toshiba, all went home able to get set up and surfing the net a soon as possible.

Making Home Education Easier

A computer that can be used both in and out of their home will be a big help to the Khakbaz family. Moe works hard to support his family, allowing Dee Dee to home school their three children.

“Ranna has graduated from high school and had a great first year at Cal Baptist University as a freshman,” say Moe and Dee Dee. Ranna is working on a music degree, Jevonah is on track to graduate high school in 2012, and Abraham will enter the 8th grade in the fall. A new laptop will be a useful tool as this family continues on its positive path.

Laptop Fulfills Family Dreams

A new laptop will save even more valuable family time for the Reece family. “Before Habitat, we were being forced by rental prices to move further and further form my husband’s work, which meant the kids saw Dad less each time we moved. Our Habitat home is only 15 minutes from work!” says Morgan.

A time saving laptop will give the Reece family more time to do the things that they love. “We all have bikes now and ride as a family,” says Morgan, “fulfilling my dream of many years.”

Hannah will enter 10th grade, Caleb 9th grade, Grace 7th, Joseph 4th, Joy 3rd, and Andrew is going into kindergarten in the fall. With all six children in school, a new laptop will not go unused by this busy family of eight.

Habitat OC families work hard toward their education and career goals. A new laptop, carry bag, mouse, and information booklet from Toshiba will help these families on their way toward a successful future.

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