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The People's Fleet™ & Habitat OC

Be a part of an eight-week adventure with Aimee and the AmeriCorps volunteers as they help transform communities in Orange County.

What is The People’s Fleet™?

Highlighting Gen-Yers’ transformative action, The People’s Fleet™ is a movement starting in Southern California and spreading across the country. 

This is a generation that’s focusing its energy on making the whole world a better place…and Habitat OC wants to be a part of telling their stories.

Non-profits apply to participate in the project. Participation decisions are based on the involvement of young people and the transformative work they’re doing.

Participating organizations receive a new, economical car for a one-week or eight-week period. Young people use the car to get their work done more easily.

The People’s Fleet™ then follows these young people as they work to make our lives better, locally and globally.

The People’s Fleet has come to Habitat OC!

We’re thrilled that The People’s Fleet™ chose Habitat OC to participate in the project for eight weeks.

Aimee Sibet is the featured Gen-Y community leader from Habitat OC. Aimee is our new Volunteer Coordinator. But you may already know her! Aimee volunteered with Habitat OC last year through the AmeriCorps program. 

You’ll get to know Aimee and the new Habitat OC AmeriCorps volunteers over the next few weeks as they blog, appear in videos and tweet about their adventures.

Why is Habitat OC joining The People’s Fleet™?

Respect – We respect the young people of America and want to recognize their tremendous efforts in our community.
Inspire – We hope young adults featured in The People’s Fleet™ will further inspire others to follow their lead and encourage them to keep up the great work.
Engage – We would love to have more young people engaged in pursuing the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Orange County.
Energy – You just can’t beat youthful energy! The young people featured in The People’s Fleet™ serve as examples of how to channel that energy.
Dedication – The stories and features you’ll see through The People’s Fleet™ will amaze you. We admire these young people’s dedication and discipline (while having a lot of fun!)
Future – Well, they are the future! Habitat OC builds homes to improve the futures of local children. The People’s Fleet™ rewards young people for following their values.

Go to The People’s Fleet™ web page

Read Aimee’s blog

Watch Episode 7: It all comes together... 18 Homes Dedicated.

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