Neighborhood Revitalization

Through our Neighborhood Revitalization efforts, Habitat OC has learned that the greatest change happens in a neighborhood when people work together—residents, community associations, and partners. These efforts are shaped by the Quality of Life Framework, which guides our work every step of the way. 

It starts first by understanding everyone’s gifts, dreams, and concerns about the neighborhood; then building a strong foundation around sense of community and social cohesion, and; finally utilizing this base to collectively act and implement projects that contribute to sector outcomes. It is an iterative process, where we continue to build social capital in a neighborhood throughout the revitalization process. 

The ultimate outcome is improved quality of life, which we define as the sense of well-being and happiness experienced by individuals, groups, and communities. 

Our Current Work

Sense of Community

“Residents, community associations, and partners identify with the neighborhood, feel connected, and support one another.”  Beginning in 2012, Habitat OC started working in the neighborhood of Woodcrest, Fullerton. Here, we quickly found pride in the neighborhood, as is pictured here with residents displaying their sense of community at the local elementary school during a Family oriented Summer Movie Night.

Social Cohesion 

“The willingness and competency of residents, community associations, and partners to work cooperatively.”  

Since our start in the Woodcrest community, Habitat OC has seen an increase in community partnership and collaboration, with added partnerships from the St. Joseph’s Community Partnership Fund Community Building Initiative, The Cal State Fullerton Center for Healthy Neighborhoods, The Fullerton Collaborative, The City of Fullerton, and more! 

Collective Action 

“Residents, community associations, and partners have completed projects or advocacy efforts that will drive ongoing work in the neighborhood.”    As residents, community associations, and partners continue to collaborate and build community, they are also bringing about major change through their actions. Just one example is their continued advocacy for increasing literacy and educational accessibility through the building and installation of Little Free Libraries throughout the neighborhood, in partnership with Thrivent Financial and Woodcrest Elementary School. 

Contact Info

Neighborhood Revitalization
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Habitat OC has built simple, decent homes for years providing families a strong foundation for success.  Let’s expand our work together to build great places where neighbors can thrive.