veteran home repair

For low-income veteran homeowners in
Orange County, CA

anaheim home repair

For low-income homeowners in Anaheim, CA

Rancho Santa Margarita Home Repair

For low-income homeowners in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

senior home repair

For low-income senior homeowners in Newport Beach, CA

Overall Home

Repair Eligibility Requirements

To apply for our Hand-Up Home Repair program, you must meet the following criteria:

Accept Financial Responsibility

Applicants must be willing to provide a minimum contribution,

which will be used to cover some of their own project costs or to

be reinvested into future home repair projects.

Willingness To Partner
Applicants must perform sweat equity to the extent of their
physical capabilities.


Applicants must own their own home and have a provable need

that falls within our scope of work and capabilities.

Meet Income Guidelines
Gross annual income must fall below the most current HUD

Income Guidelines based on household size.

There is no guarantee that Habitat OC will have the funding to complete all home repair inquiries. Due to the nature of this program, additional parameters may come into play during family selection according to funder needs/grantor requirements.