An Expression of God’s Love

Whether with your own faith community, or in a shared interfaith experience, working with others through our faith based volunteer opportunities to provide homes and hope for those in need in your community is the ultimate expression of God’s love. 

Ways to Get Involved:

Catholic Coalition

Driven by their faith, dedication and passion, the Catholic community has joined together to revitalize our faith relations program with the creation of the Catholic Coalition, a collective group of more than 25 Catholic parishes and organizations across Orange County with a desire to put their faith into action. 

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Build for Unity Coalition

Join our Build for Unity Coalition, an interfaith group of  Orange County organizations/churches/temples/and more bringing people of all faiths and beliefs together. Live out your faith and meet new people. Together, we can build unity as we build community. 

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Presbyterian Coalition

Like the Catholic Coalition, the Presbyterian Coalition is a collection of Presbyterian parishes and organizations in Orange County who partner with Habitat OC to live out their faith through monthly build days and quarterly coalition meetings. 

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Thrivent Financial

Thrivent Financial is a not-for-profit Christian-based insurance organization that encourages its members to “live generously” and give back to their community. We are proud to be expanding our national and longstanding partnership with Thrivent. Partners since 2005, Thrivent has generously contributed $253 million to build/repair homes, completed more than 1300 home building trips and donated over 5.85 million volunteer hours. Together, we can put an end to generational poverty and ease the housing crisis. 

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There is no shortage of faith based volunteer opportunities for a Faith Partner! Learn about the opportunities we offer on our VolunteerSteps page!

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Coalition Building:

We currently have several coalitions of faith groups, including: Catholic, Presbyterian, and Interfaith that are working hard on projects to live out their mission, passion, and serve the greater community of Orange County through Habitat OC programs. For more information about these and other projects available to your faith group please contact or call (714) 434-6200.