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Where are you currently building?

We are currently building in the cities of Cypress, La Habra and Santa Ana.

When do you build?

We build Wednesday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Do I have to sign up for a volunteer opportunity or can I just show up?

We require all volunteers to sign up for volunteer opportunities. Please follow the Volunteer Steps.

Do I have to attend an orientation before volunteering?

Our orientations are not mandatory in order to volunteer, but we strongly recommend attending one. Please follow the Volunteer Steps.

What forms do I need to complete to volunteer?

All first time volunteers must complete a Volunteer Interest Form. This form is to be completed only once. Each time you volunteer for a different opportunity or work site you will also need to complete a Site Specific Liability Form. Once these forms have been completed you are ready to volunteer. Please follow the Volunteer Steps.

How do I turn in my Volunteer Interest Form?

You may turn in your Volunteer Interest Form at an Orientation, mail/fax it to the office (see address below) or email it to Please do NOT turn your Volunteer Interest Form in at a construction site or any other volunteer opportunity. This form is meant to go to the office only.

What can I expect when I go to a construction site?

When you arrive on a construction site please bring a completed Site Specific Liability Form with you. Once you complete this form for a construction site you will not need to do it again. If you go to a new construction site you will need to do a new form for that new site. After turning in your form you will sign in and make yourself a name tag. A safety meeting will begin shortly after your arrival and the Site Superintendent will divide volunteers up to conquer tasks for the day.

What type of shoes should I wear on a construction site?

Due to OSHA safety requirements, all of Habitat for Humanity volunteers must wear hard-soled, slip-resistant shoes on the construction site. Work boots or hiking shoes are preferred. No tennis shoes or sneakers are allowed on site. Please see these examples for reference. Thank you for your cooperation to help keep our construction sites safe for everyone.

What work will I be doing?

That depends on the stage of construction and the progress of the work, both of which are unpredictable. What we can promise you is that the work you will be asked to perform will be well within your abilities. It may be something you know how to do already, or it may be a new skill that we teach you.

How hard will the work be?

In terms of expertise, not hard at all. The work is managed so that it can be performed by volunteers without any previous knowledge or experience in home construction. In terms of exertion, construction work can be physically demanding, and you should expect to be on your feet for extended periods of time. However, in no case will a volunteer be asked to perform a task (such as shingling a roof or painting on a ladder) that makes him or her uncomfortable.

Do you provide lunch for me when I come to build?

Habitat OC does not provide lunch for volunteers and we suggest you bring your own. On occasions people or groups will provide lunch for all volunteers so you may be surprised on certain build dates.

Do you provide water for me when I come to build?

We ask that you bring your own water bottle to the build site. Habitat OC does have Sparkletts water jugs for volunteers to refill their water bottles throughout the day.

I would like to provide lunch for a build day, how do I do that?

If you would like to provide lunch for the volunteers on the build site, please email and let them know you are interested in participating in the lunch bunch.

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