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Building exponentially.  Learn more about our tithe and how donating to Habitat OC makes a global impact. 

Your Donation + Our Tithe = 406 homes built and
2,030 people served worldwide

Every donation to Habitat OC has a worldwide impact. Over five percent of unrestricted donations is tithed to Habitat for Humanity's global building initiatives. With your help, Habitat OC has funded 406 homes sheltering 2,030 women, men & children worldwide. That's in addition to homes built in Orange County!

What is a tithe?

Habitat for Humanity is a global partnership. Habitat OC is one of hundreds of affiliates. Affiliates are required to contribute a portion of their incomes to international work. Funds specifically designated for local work only by a donor may be excluded from the tithe.

Which countries does Habitat for Humanity Orange County tithe? 

Since 2003 Habitat OC has tithed to the Romania, Mexico and Bangladesh and Northern Ireland affiliates.

Habitat affiliate supported in 2013:

HFH Nicaragua

How much money has the Orange County affiliate given?

Since 1989, Habitat OC has tithed over $1,247,326 to Habitat for Humanity International. Habitat OC was the third Western Region affiliate to surpass the $500,000 mark. For each home built in Orange County, Habitat OC has built 2.4 homes in another country. Together, we're making a difference more than one house at a time.

How are countries chosen to receive our tithe?

The Global Village Committee researches prospective countries and provides a recommendation to the Habitat OC Board of Directors, who make the final decision.

Where can I learn more about the countries that receive our tithe?

Habitat for Humanity International features individual country profiles.

Who do I contact to suggest a country to receive part of our tithe?

Please e-mail your suggestion to the Global Village Committee. If you have a special reason for recommending this affiliate, please include that in your e-mail as well.

Who do I contact to help make decisions about the tithe for our affiliate?

Please contact the Global Village Committee.

Go on a Global Village build. Find out more here.

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