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How does Habitat OC really work?

Learn all facets of how Habitat OC strives to create opportunities for qualified families to purchase simple, decent and affordable homes and realize the dream of homeownership...  Test your knowledge below, then read the full Myths - Facts - History of Habitat.  Answers are at bottom of page.

Dispel Habitat Myths. Discover the Facts.
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1 Habitat OC families must be legal residents in the US.
2 A potential Habitat OC family must have steady work and verifiable income.
3 Habitat OC must follow the same non-discriminatory laws that all home developers must follow.


Just the Facts


Overview of Habitat OC facts

Brief overview of Habitat OC history


Facts and Myths

Past Projects

Common misconceptions paired with facts

Every Habitat OC home completion since 1988

Quiz answers:
1. Yes - families who purchase Habitat OC homes must be legal residents of the U.S. 2. Yes - Habitat OC families must have verifable, steady income. 3. Yes - Habitat OC must follow all non-discrimination laws like any other developer. BTW, Habitat for Humanity is the largest home builder in the world!

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