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Review the homeownership process to learn how to purchase an affordable Habitat OC home.


Anaheim Home for Sale

Home Specifications:
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
2 Car Garage

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Anaheim Home for Sale

Review Qualifications

Make sure you and your family qualify to purchase an affordable new home.

Learn About Partnering

Learn about "sweat equity," down payments, mortgages, events, classes and HOA.

Understand the Process

Review the family selection process and be prepared.

Attend an Orientation

Attend an orientation session in-person or online.


* "traditional model" refers to homes that are built from the ground up and sold to limited-income families as is the Habitat tradition. Other types of homes are now available from Habitat OC such as homes for moderate-income families and rennovated homes, also at affordable costs. Sale of these new types of Habitat OC homeownership offerings help to build more "traditional model" homes.

What We Offer

Contact info:

Family and Homebuyer Services
Phone: 714.434.6200 x227

Learn about all our offerings:

Attend a Homebuyer Orientation meeting and learn how to apply to purchase a traditional Habitat OC home.   Sessions are available in multiple OC locations and languages, plus via online webinars.


Homebuyer Orientation Schedule

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