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General Home Repair Program

Keep your home and neighborhood in good repair.

Thank you for your interest in the Home Repair Program in Orange County, California. Unfortunately, at this time current funding is available only for Veteran Repair Projects and for Anaheim Residents, but we are actively searching for additional resources to serve more families for the repair program. If you would like to be added to the inquiry list, please complete the form below. Your information will be kept on file so that if funds become available, we may contact you. In the meantime, we encourage you to seek information about other programs that may be able to help repair your home (i.e. City Repair Programs, other non-profits, etc.). We appreciate your patience and we hope to get answers to you when they become available.

Complete the form below to be added to the inquiry list

Please note: Completing the form below does not guarantee an immediate response nor does it guarantee acceptance into the program.

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* Do you own the property?
If no, who is the homeowner and what is their relationship to you?
* Are you current on your property taxes?
* Are you current on your mortgage?
* Do you have homeowner's insurance?
* How many people live in the home?
* Is any person residing in your home a Veteran of the United States Armed Services?
* Please list all household members and their relationship to you:
* Gross Annual Household Income:
* Type of structure (i.e. Condo, Mobile Home, Single Detached, Townhome, etc.) and year it was built:
 Type of structure:
 Year it was built:
* Do you have any unpermitted additions/building activity on your home?
* Please list the type of repair work needed:
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Helping Hands Come Together to Help a Veteran Family. Habitat OC & Home Depot Partnership in Action.

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