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Orange County's workforce housing needs are changing.  Habitat OC is responding by expanding its services.  Find out what's new in homeownership and home renovation services.

Own a Habitat OC "traditional-model" home

Find out how to qualify and purchase an affordable, new home. Habitat OC has traditionally built homes for qualified lower-income families...and still does. Discover home.


 Workforce Homes for Moderate-Income Families

Working families whose income falls in the "moderate" range are now eligible to purchase some of Habitat OC's affordable homes. Purchase a beautiful new home at a reasonable price and live where you work. Discover a short commute.


Military  |  Veterans  |  Disabled Veterans  |  Surviving Families

Learn about Habitat OC's commitment to serve housing needs of active military, veterans and families of fallen warriors. Most homes can be modified.  Discover camaraderie.


Habitat Hand Up Home Repairs

Keep your home - meet your homeowners' association requirements. Habitat OC values people who already own homes too and wants you to keep your home, safe and secure. Find out if you qualify for home repair assistance. Discover peace of mind.

Learn about all our offerings:

Attend a Family Orientation meeting and learn about home repair services, renovated homes, plus how to apply to purchase a traditional Habitat OC home.   Sessions are available in multiple OC locations and languages, plus via online webinars.


Family Orientation Schedule

Contact info:

Family and Homebuyer Services
Phone: 714.434.6200 x227

Equal Housing Opportunity

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