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Step Three - Family Selection Process

Be advised - this selection process can take months to complete. Building a home takes additional time.

Here is a snapshot of the process you will go through from beginning to end...


1. Family Orientation

Everyone interested in purchasing a Habitat OC home must participate in a family orientation.

Check the schedule for dates and locations, or participate in an on-line family orientation. You will get specifics in Step Four.

2. Application Submission

Submit your "pre-application" with a check or money order in the amount of $35 to Habitat OC. The fee is for a credit check and is not refundable.

At a later date, you will need to submit several other documents along with the application such as your tax returns, paycheck stubs, driver's license, proof of legal residency and proof of auto insurance. Details will be covered in Step Five.

3. Ability to Pay Approved

A family's ability to pay a mortgage is reviewed by Habitat OC. If you can afford to pay the mortgage, you will go to the next step.

4. Information Session

Families hear specific details about the homes, their locations and further details about homeownership with Habitat OC. There are some important restrictions you should know regarding homeownership with Habitat OC.

5. Home Visits

Members of the Family Selection Committee, trained volunteers, interview your family in your current home. The volunteers try to verify that your family needs affordable housing and that your family is willing to partner with Habitat OC.

6. Selection Meeting

The Family Selection Committee meets to decide which families meet all the criteria. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors of Habitat OC. The Board votes to accept the new Habitat OC families.

If selected, a volunteer mentor is assigned to guide you on your journey to homeownership.

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Learn about all our offerings:

Attend a Family Orientation meeting and learn about home repair services, renovated homes, plus how to apply to purchase a traditional Habitat OC home.   Sessions are available in multiple OC locations and languages, plus via online webinars.


Family Orientation Schedule

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