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Share your professional talents. Move unused materials out of your business' valuable storage space. Reduce landfill waste. Receive a tax deduction!

Professional Services

Your talents and expertise are invaluable to the Habitat OC mission.

Habitat OC adheres strictly to code when building new affordable homes. The homes are built to the standards of their surroundings or better.

Volunteers are integral to building these homes. Still, hired professionals must complete certain parts of the construction process.

Needed services range from architecture to landscaping, energy planning to grading, electrical engineering to legal services, and more.

New Home Materials

Businesses that provide materials for new home construction can also make a big difference in reducing the costs of building affordable homes in Orange County.

Generous donors have provided everything for house and home such as:

Windows Garage doors Appliances Siding
New lumber Pavers Tools Equipment
Solar panels Paint Trucks Trailers

It is the policy of Habitat OC that each home in a development has the same materials and features, interior and exterior.  Please be prepared to provide materials for each home in a development.

Consider providing materials or services at substantial discounts too.

To donate professional services, skilled labor, construction services or materials, please contact the

ReStore Donation Hotline

New, Recyclable and Out-of-Season Materials

Click here to discover how the Habitat OC ReStores can save you disposal fees and reduce your out-of-season stock.



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