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Creating a Photo Gallery 

  1. Re-name your photos on your PC prior to uploading.  Use the build site name and date of your visit for all photos. ie, Fullerton06-15-10.01 (02,03,04).jpg" (no caps or spaces).   Using the same Name and Date, except for the ending numbers (.01.02.03 etc.) will keep your photos together in the database and make it easier to find them later.
  2. Leave your photo resolution high (1-2 megabytes in size) as we often use photos from the galleries for print purposes (newsletters, brochures, etc).
  3. Zip your photos into a zip file before uploading.  Again, it is not necessary to reduce the resolution size of your photos. Actually we preferr a larger format. 
  4. Upload your photos by logging on to the volunteer sign in page at and selecting Upload.  Use the Browse button on the field Photo Archive to locate your zipped file.  Leave the Caption and Event fields Blank for now.  Enter your name as the photographer and the date photos were taken, using the format (August 18, 2009).  The License field should remain as is.  Click Upload and wait while the photos are being extracted. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your file. 
  5. Create a new photo gallery by going to the main menu and selecting the Galleries tab, then "New Gallery".  In the Code field enter a short description that uniquely identifies the new gallery (no spaces).  Example: 2010-fullerton-blessing-01

  6. Next, use the Home pull down menu to select the address of the homes you photographed. 
  7. Next, use the Build Stage pull down menu to select the appropriate stage.
  8. Next, leave the Gallery Name field blank.
  9. Next, click "Save and add Photos".  Now search for your photos. i.e., (fullerton06-15-10). This will return all photos for Fullerton with that date.  This is where your naming convention endings of (01,02,03) will list the photos together in sequence.  Enter a check mark next to each photo you want included in the new gallery and click "Add photos" at the bottom of the page.  When done click Finished.  Note:  Please limit the number of photos for a single gallery to 10 - 12 total. 
  10. Adding Captions:  Your new Photo Gallery should now appear in the Galleries section of the main menu bar.  From the list of galleries click (edit) for the gallery you just created.  Each photo will display a thumbnail image on the left and a place for a caption on the right. Add captions to each photo, when including volunteers only use first names. When finished click on "Save" and you are done. To view your newly created photo gallery go to the address field of your browser and enter the URL provided.




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Fullerton - 5 Homes - Completed 2011

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